About us

Once upon a time, a man called Renald Fourgs embarked on an adventure. He found his inspiration in travels.

Everything began in India, this spiritual land of incredible colours, colourful spices and flower markets.

"Travel is the heart of his inspiration"

He created his company in 1998 called AVM Import, based in Cahors in France. Ethnic fashion drives his inspiration.

Business grew and today he works with more than 2000 retailers in France and throughout the world and he collaborates with experimented indian suppliers.

"A traditional ethnic fashion"

Today he is launching a new unisex brand called "Joe and Jo" ...

Exit the monotony of gray, black, or white. Welcome to colorful pieces and beautiful prints.

The creation of Joe and Jo is based on the observation that the man is feminized and the woman is masculinized. Nowadays, we just want to be ourselves. So, be yourselves with Joe&Jo !!!

"Joe&Jo a unisex brand"

Joe & Jo